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Collection: Flake Advent star

Fling is a timelessly simple advent star / Christmas star in a shape and design that really stands up through changing trends and in a material with the potential to last for generations.
Fling, has eight points, and is all its own. Maybe, maybe related to the six-pointed snow star. The snowflake collects lots of six-pointed snow stars on its way to the ground. With its soft and wintry shadow play, however, our Flake gathers an atmospheric light in the room. Shape and design by David Taylor - 2007 .


The star is produced in four different sizes - Ø33, Ø50, Ø78 & Ø120 cm. However , Fling 33 , the smallest size, is produced in the most different colors: white, red, grey, green, silver & gold. Fling 50 goes with the colors white, red, silver & gold. Fling 78 in white & red and Fling 120 only in white. We are happy to offer all colors for all sizes where a color is missing. We are also happy to accept special requests for colors that are not part of the standard range at all. Contact us for further information.