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Surat, Gujarat
6 hours ago

Collection: Schwedischer Ninja

Swedish Ninja is a company and a brand that offers us a truly colorful journey with its very own universe within Swedish design lighting. It's not enough to roll out the red carpet. Here we also roll out bubblegum pink, scandic blue, peacock green, cotton candy white, electric blue, ninja black and many more.

Banally simple but at the same time ingenious forms, dressed in clear expressions of color, can be imagined to go directly at odds with what is traditionally associated with Swedish form and architecture - Swedish grace, Gunnar Asplund, Functionalism, etc. At Svenska Designlampor, we consider being shy to take a colorful place however, be a Swedish invention of more characterless shortcomings. We are therefore extra happy and really proud to be able to present Swedish Ninja with their lamps in our range.