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Collection: Outdoor lighting - Outdoor lights for home & garden

Well-designed and well-placed outdoor lighting can have a big impact on the entire outdoor space around the home and garden. Strategically placed fixtures can very effectively help create a wonderfully welcoming atmosphere. In addition, outdoor lighting, both for ground and wall, can improve safety as well as evening and night comfort in the entire outdoor environment around the home. In our range you will find stylishly functionally designed outdoor lamps from Zero, Örsjö and Blond lighting. Read more...


The right outdoor light in the right place

An important aspect of well-designed outdoor lighting is creating the right balance between light and shadow. By using different types of fixtures with different directions and intensities of light, you can create a variety of light levels that give you security in otherwise dark areas and a pleasant feeling of depth and space in the plot and in the garden.

A well-placed outdoor lamp - a post, a bollard or wall lamp does not only take care of the functional requirements of lighting a staircase, a walkway or an entrance etc. A well-placed outdoor lamp enhances the entire aesthetic expression of, for example, a staircase, a gazebo or a gate post. Several outdoor lights in a symphony cradle the entire plot in aesthetic perfection, night as dusk and dawn.

Energy efficient function in personal design 

Another important factor is to choose luminaires that are energy efficient. Outdoor lights with integrated LED light sources are a popular choice, as they have a long life and low energy consumption. In addition, there are many different design expressions, variants and brands to choose from, which makes it easy to find fixtures that suit your style and taste.

Environment & local environment . By using energy-efficient fixtures and avoiding unnecessary lighting, energy consumption can be reduced. Worth noting, and perhaps even more important in this context, is to minimize stray light and light pollution from your plot/garden that may affect any neighbors and adjacent wildlife

In summary

In conclusion, well-designed outdoor lighting is important for creating a welcoming and functional outdoor environment that is safe and energy efficient. By choosing suitable luminaires and planning the lighting carefully, you can achieve an optimal result.