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Collection: Zero Lighting

A design lamp from Zero is always easy to recognize. The design language goes from simple to adequate and recognizable * . Almost every lamp is offered in more than one color choice and almost always in lovely think outside the box colors - apricot, oyster white, dove blue, purple etc. However, black or white color choices continue to exist and be the most popular. Some very characteristic design lamps for Zero (perhaps the exceptions that confirm the rule simply - just right ) are the ceiling lamp and the table lamp in the PXL collection .


Zero Lighting - Built from 0

...or Zero Belysning as it is more commonly called is actually called Zero interiör AB (which may not be so interesting). What is more interesting is how the founders of Zero, Roland Gill and Andris Nolendorfs (designer and site manager at Orrefors glass factory) stated that the journey with their new company had to start from NOLL and hence the appropriate Zero .

Roland and Andris opened the doors to their newly started Zero Interiör in 1978. The vision for the company was (and is) to attract an audience interested in design and light with a unique design language and a deep understanding of lighting in public outdoor and indoor environments.

Local production

Quality in the production is proven by a strong local and long-term commitment together with several subcontractors, where the production chain can be easily overviewed, sustainability can be proven and decent working conditions are guaranteed. More than 80% of the components that make up Zero's design lamps are manufactured within a radius of 20 miles from the company's own facility (old Pukebergs Glasbruk) in Nybro - Småland, where all final assembly takes place.

Design & design lamps for a new century

2004 A new chapter begins at Zero. A series of new collaborations are being initiated with well-known designers and design agencies, mainly of the younger generation. Among others Monica Förster (Umbrella) , Jens Fager (Convex, Lens etc.) , Mattias Ståhlbom (ex: Foto, Last, Fisherman) , Note Design (among others: Landscape, Silo) and Front (Camouflage, Curve, Hoop etc.) .

With the exception of a couple of stalwarts, today the vast majority of the luminaires in the range were designed and drawn in 2004 or after. With the renewed range, Zero also carried out a successful international investment, with the result that the export of lamps increased to around 40% of turnover from the previous 10%.

Zero Lighting logo

* Recognizability means luminaires at Zero with a name and a shape that can be directly linked to another man-made artefact. We have, for example, Bottle which imitates a bottle, Fisherman which imitates an old-fashioned fishing net buoy or Umbrella which unmistakably resembles an umbrella and more.