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Collection: Blonde Lighting

In principle, all production at Blond takes place under its own roof, and fully automated production is opposed. Which means that all stages and the entire production can be overviewed and that first-class quality for each individual product can be confirmed. Blond lighting is located and operates in Värnamo, which is proudly considered to be Sweden's heart and industrial center. In the company, the knowledge and work of the third generation is now involved in the understanding of light. The core values ​​are - High quality, good design and flexibility (there is always the option of customizing or customizing a lamp) in front of the customers' needs. Read more...


Blonde & the sight of lighting

It is a necessity, not to say an obligation, that as a manufacturer of fixtures and lamps, you have an understanding of the principles of light and lighting. The impact that artificial lighting has on people is not something to be taken lightly.

Without the understanding of artificial light and the impact it will have when developing lighting fixtures, it is not possible to take responsibility as a manufacturer. As a manufacturer, we strive to produce luminaires that offer our customers (and their users) the opportunity to create person-oriented lighting.

Every time we create a new experience of light, we go through our three basic principles - our keywords. Identifying these keywords for each new fixture is a necessity to create better architecture and life through light.

The 3 basic principles of lighting - According to Blond

Direct lighting . A direct light flow is used to describe and define a space or artifact by using a focused light. The light has a clear direction and defines the space using, for example, a suspended luminaire, a directional table lamp or a spotlight. The direct light flux focuses.

Indirect lighting . Indirect light flows can be very beneficial in certain spaces and can relieve stress on the eyes. The indirect light diffuses gradients (contrasts), which may be necessary to complete the light picture in certain spaces.

Atmospheric light . The atmospheric light is not measurable, nor functional in the traditional sense. It is also not light that can be studied in a textbook, rather the light speaks to our humanity. It's easily forgotten, but is just as important when creating a space for well-being. Atmospheric light is the most elemental and has been with us since the discovery of fire, it reminds us that we are human.

Classic collections

We can also warmly recommend a look at Blond's classic lamp collections by Gunnar Asplund and Yrjö Kukkapuro .