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Manufacture of lamp Manhattan Lamps - Designed & manufactured in Sweden

A designer lamp should be experienced as timeless, it should never be trendy but always feel "up to date". In our selection you will find Swedish-made design lamps - table lamps, floor lamps, ceiling lamps (pendants and ceiling lamps) and wall lamps from Bsweden , Zero , Blond and Örsjö Belysning . Four companies located in Småland that work on a small scale and sustainably, often with other local contractors and subcontractors where quality can be overseen and maintained throughout the entire chain.
Read more (below) about what is design for us . If you want to visit us, you will find opening hours and address details under About us . You can also see which lamps are hanging here under Lamps in our showroom .

Selected categories

Lamps in copper & brass

Lamps designed by Gunnar Asplund

Lamps in craft glass

Desk lamps in functional design & quality


What defines a Swedish design lamp?

    For many in the industry, a Swedish design lamp is a lamp designed by a Swedish designer. The fact that it then says "made in somewhere else" on the lamp is not so accurate.
    For us, however, the first criterion is always that the lamp must be locally produced - manufactured in Swedish industry under decent working conditions. Then it is enough that it was designed by a human being, even if most of the designers behind the lamps in our range are or have been active in Sweden.

    Spare parts, can Svenska Designlampor provide it?

      We can arrange spare parts for almost all luminaires in the range from Bsweden, Blond, Örsjö & Zero lighting, in some cases even for expired models. The easiest way to make your request for a specific fixture and spare part is via our contact form or to .

      Selected collections



      Corner lamp Stella










      This is design for us

      Products (lamps) must be used. Good products must be designed to be used and to last, not just exist to be the latest in someone's collection. If products just are, they wouldn't be.

      Good design inspires & always has a purpose. Really good design has the potential to develop and inspire people, to develop even better creations. The purpose of a product can transcend itself but it cannot be left to chance, nor can it be merely decorative. A decorative product is at best art, but most likely it is kitsch or just junk.

      Good design is honest design. A product should never claim to be more than it is. However, it can be more than it claims to be.

      Good design is complete, in every aspect & in the smallest detail. Narrow choices down to the smallest detail must be made. Not only for the product to function optimally and clearly communicate its reason, but also to be completed so that from all aspects it leaves a minimal environmental and climate footprint.

      Good design is timeless. Well-designed products should never appear as trendy objects, but if a creation appears timeless and does not breathe the era, it will always feel contemporary.

      Innovation is not a must... The wheel works but there are still things to improve from a smart, sustainable and timeless perspective. In today's wear and tear mentality, timelessness in itself can be innovative. However, innovation in its true sense is always a big j###a plus.

      All design must strive to improve humanity in its journey. A good product has no best-before date, it never becomes unusable, it doesn't break and it's never thrown away. Perfection only exists in theory, of course, but the scientifically sacred goal is to get as close to perfection as possible. Proper design helps us consume less.


      Örsjö Lighting

      Blonde Lighting

      Zero Lighting

      Bsweden Belysningsbolaget

      Swedish Ninja


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