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Collection: Wall lamps - Reading lamps & bedside lamps | Design for bedroom, living room etc

A wall is a wall and a lamp is a lamp. Or? No, it might not be that simple. If the function of the wall is to hang paintings on, to have a sofa standing next to it or to form a background for a small round table with photographs on it, then the choice of lighting plays a role. Wall lamps are often good options, if they are chosen to illuminate a work of art, serve as reading lamps or highlight photographs of beloved children and grandchildren. A tastefully designed wall lamp on the right wall lifts the entire room. Read more about reading lights for reading lamps and bedside lamps below...


A well-chosen reading lamp or bedside lamp

A good reading lamp should be able to offer you enough light for you to be able to read comfortably without straining your eyes, while it should not be too bright or dazzling. A good choice is a lamp with a (long) rotatable arm and tiltable neck that makes it possible to fine-tune the light where it is needed. If a reading lamp is also to function as a bedside lamp, a couple of details may be of interest to know.

The right reading light for the right room

Bedside lamps are an important part of the bedroom and a good bedside lamp can make a big difference to your reading experience. When choosing a reading lamp for your bed, it is especially important to consider factors such as the light source's color temperature and brightness, as the light can affect your sleep quality. A bedside lamp with warm white light can create a more relaxing atmosphere in the room and help you fall asleep more easily.

Color temperature . For good-night reading, a color temperature that is higher than 2800 Kelvin cannot be recommended, which is precisely the color temperature that is usually indicated as "warm white". Higher color temperature than 3000K is often referred to as "cool white". Cool white light can be excellent reading light, but it can also be perceived as invigorating, which can disturb bedtime and the calming moment with your good book.

Your wall lamp

A stylish wall lamp that fits your decor, next to the sofa or above the bed makes the room more harmonious and pleasant. There are many different models and variants to choose from! So what suits your needs and preferences, what will be your next reading lamp or bedside lamp?