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Collection: Örsjö Lighting

Örsjö Belysning a company with a rich history of high quality lighting design and manufacturing. With its strong focus on innovation, sustainability and quality, the company offers unique and aesthetically pleasing design lamps. It's about lighting that suits both modern and traditional lifestyles and needs. From delicate lamps in mouth-blown craft glass to lamps in raw copper and brass in industrial and brutalist design. Please read further below...


Lighting from Örsjö - History in brief

Örsjö Belysning AB has a long and proud history that stretches back to 1948. The company was then founded by the entrepreneurs: Simon Jonsson, Sture Jonsson and Edvin Thorén . During 1952, the development of lamps for private individuals began to gain momentum and a collaboration with IKEA was formed. The collaboration concerned wall lamps and after a couple of successful years, the relationship developed into the production of ceiling lamps and table lamps as well.

During the 1960s, the company began to focus on developing modern and innovative design for lighting, which made it a leading player in the Swedish lighting market. The products became well known for their high quality and unique design. It contributed to the company continuing to grow and expand also internationally in the following decades. Over time, the company grew and luminaires also for outdoor use began to be manufactured.

Living design for the 21st century

During the early 2000s, the company underwent a restructuring and a new generation of took over the operation. They continued to modernize the company and its product portfolio, while maintaining the traditional heritage of quality lighting design. By using modern technology and materials, together with the experience and craftsmanship that the company has built up over more than seven decades, Örsjö Belysning continues to offer high-quality and aesthetically pleasing products for lighting. Tastefully designed lamps that are well adapted to modern lifestyles and needs.

Today, the company collaborates with leading designers and architects to create unique and innovative lighting solutions for both private homes and public places. By using its expertise and experience, Örsjö Belysning can create solutions that combine functionality and design in a way that suits the customers' needs and wishes.

Particularly noteworthy in this context is the well-known industrial designer Linus Bohlin, who in the context of Örsjö is best known for the lamp series Kvist , which has also become something of a trademark for Örsjö.

Future & sustainability

Örsjö Belysning has a strong focus on sustainability and environmental awareness. The company works to minimize its environmental impact by using more environmentally friendly materials and methods in its production. The vast majority of Örsjö's subcontractors are local, which contributes to shorter and more efficient transports.

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