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Collection: Table lamps in a design for both windows and desks

Lighting always has a function. We choose lighting according to the room's shape, color and furniture. A table lamp is there as a spot lighting in some part of the room. It can be to illuminate a work of art or to highlight the pattern of the fabric on an armchair. Some table lamps provide good lighting for reading, perhaps placed on a small table next to the armchair. Read more..

Window lamp on foot

Several of our table lamps can also work excellently as a window lamp on a stand, where they light up first at dusk, as well as window frames and give the home a welcoming feeling. For guests, of course, but perhaps more importantly for yourself too, one evening on your way from work when you're almost home. A lamp in a clear design, is there and enhances the character of the room; whether it is for stillness or activity, whether it is as a gathering point for community or private time.

Create a personal atmosphere

Table lamps are more than just sources of illumination. They can be used with advantage to create a personally cozy atmosphere in the home. Choose a table lamp with a unique shape, perhaps with a special color for you and reinforce the atmosphere that breathes you and gives you security. Or combine several table lamps in different sizes and styles to create an interesting and lively collection? Whatever you choose, the table lamps will help make your home a place with a personal touch.