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Collection: Lamps in craft glass

Our glass lamps are not only designed for good lighting, many times they are beautiful works of art in themselves. These hand-blown glass and art glass lamps are designed by both architects, industrial designers and artistic glass designers. From, for example, the molded Olle and Manhattan luminaires to the free-form Tratten . Please read more below...


Glass lamps - Unique lamps in artificial glass

The glass can be colored or clear. Each time the craftsman / glassblower picks up glass, he does not pick up exactly the same amount of glass or color. Whether the glass lamp you are looking for is shaped in a minimalist and industrial style or free-form in a more artistic style, you can be sure that one piece is not exactly the same. In short, the glass craft offers you the unique opportunity to, within the framework of a series, still offer you a completely unique lamp.

Glass lamps for your home

In our collection of unique lamps, you will find both ceiling lamps, ceiling lamps, window pendants and table lamps in genuine glass craftsmanship. A type of glass lamp can be quite neutral, the purpose can be that it should be appealing but give more life to its surroundings. For another type of glass lamp it could be just the opposite, it is in itself the shining object that refines and creates living atmosphere.

Swedish Design Lamps does not have the largest range of lamps in art glass, however, we do not think you will be disappointed and you can always be sure that these pieces are formed from genuine design and craftsmanship and always maintain excellent quality.